New Powers

Use this narrative writing prompt to engage your class in the writing process. Writing can be boring at times, and students need prompts that are engaging. Brainstorm story writing ideas with your class and get them to share. That way, children who struggle with ideas can ‘borrow’ some ideas from other students. If they’re still struggling, show them the story starter. That will help them with ideas and it’s a great example of how to engage the reader from the start. Click on the image below to download the writing prompt.

Story Starter

Her skin beamed red as adrenaline rushed through her veins. Jendi could feel her new powers surging through her body. Every 5 years, the Gods gifted her with new powers which she used to protect the planet. Jendi’s eyes rolled back in her head and her limbs went numb. A bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of her as animals scampered. She stood tall and opened her dark eyes. Jendi looked down at her feet which were now hovering above the ground. “I can fly,” she muttered pleasingly to herself.

Narrative writing prompt - New Powers

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example is the story of Jendi, a super natural being who received new powers every five years. She used her powers to save the lives of helpless humans. This story is filled with strong vocabulary and descriptive writing that will inspire your students to write creatively. Get your class to highlight sentences that they want to use in their own writing. It’s important to expose your class to a range of short stories and descriptive sentences. The more exposure they get, the more likely they are to write high quality texts. 

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Narrative writing example - New powers
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Narrative writing planner
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