Narrative Writing Prompt - A New World

This narrative writing prompt will encourage your students in their creative writing pursuit during English. This particular story prompt moves in to the fantasy arena and looks at ‘A New World’. Your students could go write from a future perspective where the world was destroyed and humans now occupy another planet. Or, they could write about a new world discovered through a magical portal. However they choose to write their story, encourage them to use high level vocabulary and descriptive sentences when setting the scene.

Story Starter

I glared upon the book and its main character. She did not look like she would have been the most clever person in the room or the toughest. Instead, her seated posturing with hands draped over a heavy plaid-patterned skirt, and a corset top showed she was well versed in the etiquettes of her time. Contrary to her seemingly timid stance, she was smirking, a face I was sure would irk anyone in the area. Her eyes glimmered with mischief, and I instantly knew that she would be my kind of person. From what I had read, she knew how to hold conversations and could lift her partners from the depths of boredom. She knew how to explore moods and emotions. She was a pioneer. 

Narrative writing - a new world

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example looks at ‘A New World’ from an interesting perspective. It is less fantasy based, as the writing prompt suggests, and more mystery. There is some deeper meaning in the writing example, so have your students summarise the story and highlight parts that they may use in their writing. Have them ‘magpie’ some of the wonderful vocabulary and descriptions.

Writing Tip

It’s a good idea to use figurative language when describing the character. Use metaphors and similes to compare your character to other things. This will create strong images in the reader’s mind and they’ll have a good idea of the type of character you have created. ‘Her hair grew like the thriving grapes on a vine’ or ‘He was an ox in battle, beating soldiers left and right’ are a couple of figurative language examples that can be used to describe your character.

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Narrative writing example - A New World
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Narrative writing planner
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