The Blizzard

Use this wintery story writing prompt to engage your students in the writing process. Before they start planning, get them to write down all of the vocabulary that they could use in their short story. Encourage the class to think of words that relate to winter and blizzards. You’ll be surprised at what they come up with. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

They stood under the window’s shadow, watching the snow pile up into a thick blanket. The cabin they were renting in the middle of the woods was now completely cut off by the heavy snowfall, even for their off roader. The now white coated tress, which the leaves had long since fallen from, stood bare against the sullen sky. Night fell earlier now, and the inky darkness surrounded the cabin as the snow started falling more heavily now.

Narrative writing prompt - The Blizzard

Narrative Writing Example

This enthralling writing example is perfect to show your students before than begin writing. Get them to highlight high level vocabulary, and to identify punctuation that they might use. Challenge them to use the punctuation with 100% accuracy. 

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Narrative writing example - The Blizzard
Narrative writing planner
Narrative writing planner
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