Narrative Writing Prompt - Alien Invasion

Use this free narrative writing prompt to get your students engaged in the writing process. This story prompt delves into the idea of an alien invasion. Brainstorm writing ideas with your class and get them to think of possible problems and solutions that may take place in their story. Have the aliens already taken over or are they on their way? Is Earth in trouble and the main character saves the day? Perhaps, the protagonist is an alien soldier who aims to conquer our planet? Or even, for your creative thinkers, peaceful aliens have come to rescue the planet from the treacherous humans who have ravaged Earth for hundreds of years. Write all the ideas on the board. That will help your students generate a good plan and limit the amount of questions you have to answer during writing!

Story Starter

The signs were loud and clear. The warnings had echoed through time, even more constant than the latter, and yet my people refused to listen.

I was at the point where one could only reminisce on how we had missed it. I vividly remembered how my leaders called those who saw the future, people with failing senses and, those who tried to interpret the stars even worse descriptions. Our governments told us they were a nuisance to society and that all they wanted to do was instil fear into the people. Unfortunately, what they had dreaded the most, an overthrow, was now the order of the day.

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example starts from the perspective of post alien invasion. The aliens have taken the human race to another planet, and as the protagonist explains, it’s been 5 Earth years since they’ve seen home. Give your students this writing example and have them highlight vocabulary that they may want to use in their own writing. Get them to ‘magpie’ descriptive sentences to up level their own writing.

Narrative Writing Tip

Plan your story! Planning is crucial to developing a successful narrative. Write down your ideas and start to narrow down how you think your story will evolve. What’s the initial problem? How does it get worse? How is the problem resolved? What’s the conclusion? These are some of the questions you should be thinking about when planning. Furthermore, write down the characteristics of your protagonist. This will all you to focus on writing clear, descriptive sentences when you’re characterising and setting the scene. 

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Narrative writing example - Alien Invasion
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Narrative writing planner
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