Narrative Writing Prompt - The Dragon's Egg

This narrative writing prompt will encourage your students to write creatively during English. The story writing prompt is in the fantasy genre. Your students could write about how the main character has stolen a magical dragon egg, or perhaps the protagonist is looking to retrieve an egg on behalf of a dragon. There are many ways in which students could shape their story. Their main character could be brave and daring, or possibly foolish and naive. I imagine the setting to be underneath the darkness of night with dragon cries heard for miles. Remember to encourage your students to characterise and set the scene as they begin their writing journey.

Story Starter

Gilgamesh was trapped in a war he had fought for over a era. Nonetheless, whether it be instinct or experience, he knew this round would be different.  

He sat on the floor of the battle pavilion with his sword placed at his side, gently rubbing and embracing a muralled oval structure, a composition only befitting of a dragon’s egg. His job as keeper and protector was drummed into his subconscious, even as a neonate. It was a responsibility he had taken on for almost a century. The spawn was the last of its kind and the reason his people had been kept alive for so long, was their longstanding mutualistic service. 

Narrative writing prompt

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example tells the tale of Gilgamesh who is tasked with protecting a magical dragon egg. He has fought off many adversaries, but this time doesn’t seem likely. His counterpart is strong and looks to take the egg and use its power for evil. This story writing example uses a lot of strong adjectives to describe characters, and it also has a range of sentence types for your students to observe. Have them identify some of the openers used on complex sentences, and then have them use them in their writing. 

Writing Tip

It’s important to use a variety of sentence types when writing. This keeps the reader engaged. Too many long sentences and your story becomes boring. Too many short sentences and the impact of situations is lost. Remember to use simple, compound and complex sentences. Your complex sentences don’t have to be long, just add a subordinate clause at the start to use as an opener. 

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Narrative writing example - The Dragon's Egg
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