Hot Air Adventure

‘Hot Air Adventure’ is a wonderful narrative writing prompt that will inspire your students to write creatively. This fantasy based writing prompt is an interesting one. Does the main character have a mission to complete in a hot air balloon? Do they plan to travel around the world? Perhaps they get trapped in a hot air balloon and it floats away? Brainstorm ideas with your class and see what they come up with. Then, read the story starter and ensure your students start with an engaging opening paragraph. Tell them to get rid of the boring and start at the point of action.

Story Starter

“Have you ever flown any of these things before?” I asked, staring at the three gondola tethered baskets across the field. I had never been to this area of town, and I certainly did not intend to be a trespasser. 

“Have you no bone of adventure in your body?” He inquired as he climbed into one of the large baskets and beckoned to my unwilling self to follow him.

Narrative writing prompt - Hot Air Adventure

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example is filled with amazing vocabulary. Get your class to highlight vocabulary from the text that they can use in their own writing. Challenge them to use 5 high level words, but first, discuss the meaning of the words and put them into sentences. Never underestimate the power of vocabulary in story writing. It can change the mood of a story and engage the reader.

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Narrative writing example - Hot Air Adventure
Narrative writing planner
Narrative writing planner
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