Narrative Writing Prompt - The Fork in the Path

Use this narrative writing prompt to engage your students in writing during English. This story writing prompt is an interesting one. It provides a bit of mystery and a lot of opportunity for students set the scene with descriptive sentences. The main character in this story could be on a journey and they find themselves torn between two roads. Perhaps the story is a bit deeper, and the main character is torn between two life choices, and therefore the paths are metaphoric. Have these conversations with your class and allow them to generate story writing ideas. 

Story Starter

She walks along the winding dirt path, not caring of the places it will take her, as long as it is far away from her home. The smell of pine and fresh air fills her lungs like sweet perfume and a smile which plays lazily on her lips. A cold breeze shifts her dark locks around her face. In the forest the sky vanishes almost completely, only a few fragments of blue remain, like scattered pieces of an impossible jigsaw puzzle. The forest is her only escape, a reality all on its own. As she dawdles, the trees come alive, singing in the wind, birds chirping to the beat. Animals dance between the Oaks and Pines, unaware of the city just on the other side of the hill.

Narrative writing - The Fork in the Path

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example is written extremely well and provides some outstanding examples of descriptive writing for your students to observe. There are many wonderful sentences that can be ‘magpied’ and used in your class’ writing. Have them identify two or three of their favorite sentences and see if they can apply them to their own writing. The ending of this story is captivating and will have your students asking for a sequel. 

Writing Tip

Possessive apostrophes seem so simple, but they mean so much. If you can use possessive apostrophes with 100% accuracy in your writing, it’ll make a big difference. Unfortunately, when you forget apostrophes of possession, the level of your writing decreases greatly. It takes away some of the credibility in your story and impacts on the reader’s experience. So…ensure you edit your writing and check your apostrophes are in the correct places.

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Narrative writing - the fork in the path
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Narrative writing planner
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