In this narrative writing prompt, your students are tasked with the mission of writing about a giant! Is it a friendly giant or an evil giant? Does the giant live in the city (like in the prompt), or do they dwell in isolation amongst the trees? Does the giant have any special powers? Do they have any family members? Get your children to use these questions to generate ideas for their own stories. Encourage your class to use figurative language in their writing as it allows readers to form vivid images in their mind which engages them in the story. Click on the image below to download the story writing prompt.

Story Starter

There was once a giant who lived in a small town. He was called the lonely giant not because he did not have any friends but because he found it hard to make friends.

Everyone had tried to make his acquaintance, but the permanent scowl on his face drove even the friendliest of faces away. One fateful day, a fire spread rapidly across town, leaving the town with nothing but charcoal and polluted air. Everything was razed save for the tiny field that the giant owned.

Narrative writing prompt - Giant

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example tells the story of a lonely giant who can’t seem to make any friends. His local town gets destroyed, and the giant finds a way to help out. Get your class to read the text and write down sentences that could use in their own writing. Also, get them to write down the pros and cons from this narrative. Maybe there are bits they like, and bits they don’t like. Use this narrative writing example to help your children with their story writing.

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Narrative writing example - Giant
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Narrative writing planner
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