This narrative writing prompt is based on Venus and will encourage students to write interesting fantasy based short stories. This engaging prompt is great for getting students to start at the point of action. Get them away from boring starts and help them develop something that will capture the reader’s imagination from the get go! Their story could start from on Venus where they find themselves trapped. Or perhaps Venus is on a collision course with Earth and nothing can be done. There are endless possibilities with this story writing prompt. Click on the image below to download.

Story Starter

Here’s to the sister planet that so brightly shines and dances within our orbit. Little wonder exists as to why you stay so revered or remain the reference of beauty among men. It is not because you have decided that retrograde is an appropriate course of motion, nor a slow rotation about an axis is the best thing for grace and poise. Instead, what is outstanding is your innate ability to cause such age-long intrigue by simply being.

Narrative writing prompt - Venus

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Narrative writing example - Venus
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Narrative writing planner
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