Use this narrative writing prompt to engage your students in the writing process. Have a discussion as a class and write down story ideas on the board. Get them to plan their story and share with the class. Encourage them to be creative but to keep it simple. Short stories are all about simplicity. Ask your children questions – Are the dragons friendly or evil? Is the main character a dragon or is it a human? Does the main character ride the dragons? Are the protagonists Vikings? Once your students have developed their plan, brainstorm some vocabulary that the class might use. Click on the image below to download the story writing prompt.

Story Starter

Celia’s gaze did not waver as she watched the oracle transform into a large creature. She found herself grateful that the ship had no fence, and the waters had enough space to occupy him because he was about fifteen feet tall.

His nostrils flared, and he growled, giving her a peek of his primary fang. His skin was a magnificent shade of white, and his horns stood long and proud. He had scales running through his sides. He came closer and raised his wings, giving her a lovely view.

Narrative writing prompt - Dragons

Narrative Writing Example

Use this narrative writing example before your class writes their own story. They’ll be able to ‘magpie’ sentences that they like from the example. They’ll also be exposed to sound grammar and punctuation. Click below to access the story writing example.

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Narrative writing example - Dragons
Narrative writing planner
Narrative writing planner
Narrative assessment rubric