What's That?

Use this free narrative writing prompt to help your students generate ideas for their writing. This particular writing prompt could steer your students in many directions. What could it be that the man is looking at? Is he looking at something hurtling towards the earth? Is it an alien spaceship hovering above him? Is he looking at an approaching storm? Encourage your students to be creative with their writing, but to also keep their short stories simple! The story doesn’t have to go far, describing is the key. Click on the image below to download the story writing prompt. Remember to use the story starter as an example of an engaging way to start. Get rid of the boring beginnings and start with something exciting!

Story Starter

Tom’s chance of survival was slim. He lay flat on his back, trapped by an asteroid. It seemed as if the sky was falling with rock parts landing all around him. Fires blazed left and right. Screams were heard in the distance as civilians ran for their lives. Not a single person thought to stop and help Tom. That didn’t bother him. His only thought was removing the asteroid from off his leg.

Moments ago, he heard cries of “what’s that?” before the asteroids came and seemingly sealed his fate. The sky was black and red with fireballs hurtling through the atmosphere. Tom could sense pain and death all around.

Narrative writing prompt - What's that?

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example has some excellent vocabulary and a simple story for your students to follow. There are a bunch of descriptive sentences that your children can ‘magpie’ for their own stories. This is the story of Tom’s fight for survival after an asteroid storm engulfs him. With his leg trapped and broken, his chances are slip. Read this story writing example with your class to help them generate story ideas for “What’s That?”.

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Narrative writing example - What's That?
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Narrative writing planner
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