The Young King

Use this narrative writing prompt to inspire your students to write creatively. “The Young King” is an interesting writing topic and delves into the idea of becoming a king at a young age. Brainstorm this writing prompt with your class and see what interesting ideas they come up with. Perhaps their father has died and the throne has been thrust upon them. Maybe they have taken over a new kingdom and they have taken the throne. Encourage your students to write descriptively as they set the scene and characterise. Click on the image below to download the writing prompt. Remember to use the story starter to help your students get started.

Story Starter

Staring mindlessly at the crowds, Peter’s mind fell blank. His father was dead and he was now the king. At the young age of 9, he held power and responsibility over his kingdom. The thought of leading a country was daunting, but Peter was excited. He turned to his Uncle George and glared at him. “Arrest that man…he killed my father.”

“Prepare to attack the cities in the north,” demanded the young ruler. King Peter planned to expand his empire at whatever cost. His thirst for power was unusual for a child.

Narrative writing prompt - The Young King

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example starts off with a young king taking the throne. His father has just been killed and he is in shock, but he must gather himself as the crown is put upon his head. Later in the story we come to realize that the young boy was the one who killed his father…oh the drama. Use this story writing example to help your students generate ideas and creative sentences. Get them to ‘magpie’ sentences they think would work well in their stories. 

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Narrative writing example - The Young King
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Narrative writing planner
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