Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is incredibly important for children. It develops their sense of creativity, enhances their imagination and gives them a chance to work on grammar, punctuation, spelling, idea development and editing. Students should write every day! Even if it’s only a few short sentences, it all adds up. These writing prompts and resources are designed to save your time and engage your children in the writing process.

Message in a Bottle

Free Example

The Takeover

Free Example

The Magic of The Moon

Free Example

The Lone Wolf

Free Example


Free Example

The Dark Knight

Free Example

The Family Curse

The Universe

New Powers

The Young King

What's That?





Another World


The Long Journey

The Magic Book

The Fork in the Path

The Dragon's Egg

The Mysterious Library

The Pit

Winter's Ghost

A New World

The Monster

The Storm

Alien Invasion

The Haunted House

The Shining Globe

The Stars

The Flood

Elephant Love

Found Money

Mystery Island

The Old Hut

The Millionaire

Hot Air Adventure

Time Travel

Man in The Woods

The Talking Owl

Lonely Powers

House on the Hill

Magic Hands

Moving Houses


The Blizzard

The Acquaintance

The Portal

Tight Rope

A Time in Space

Magic Mountain

Ghost Town

The Invention


Kid Genius

The Good Witch


The Magic of the Lake


The Strange Forest

The Cauldron

The Mad Scientist

The Compass

The Magic Bridge

Santa's Journey

The Lamp

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