Use this narrative writing prompt to encourage your students to write interesting and descriptive stories. Brainstorm ideas for ‘Fairy’ with your class and get them to share. Write questions on the board that will help your class with their planning. What kind of magic does the fairy possess? Does the fairy give people wishes? Who is the main character? How would you describe the main character? Does the fairy go against the norm and possess evil powers? Click on the image below to download the writing prompt. Use the story starter to help your students get started on their own stories. Remind your class to start at the point of action and leave the boring stuff behind.

Story Starter

“I will grant you one wish, anything you desire,” said the fairy. Mary had only awoken moments ago to the sound of her window opening. To her fright, a small fairy had entered and sat an inch from her nose. Her wings were petite and her eyes were sharp. She did not flinch and she did not waver in tone. Mary was taken aback by her confident nature.

Narrative writing - Fairy

Narrative Writing Example

This short story is a wonderful narrative writing example to show your students. Get them to highlight some punctuation that they’d like to use in their writing. This particular story exposes students to a lot of speech marks. Get them to identify the punctuation involved with the speech marks and see if they can use it in their writing. 

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Narrative writing example - Fairy
Narrative writing planner
Narrative writing planner
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