Mystery Island

This narrative writing prompt will engage your students in the writing process. Mystery Island could be a place where evil spirits emerge at night, haunting those who live there. Or perhaps it could be a place of rest and relation, a secret from the rest of the world. Encourage your students to describe their setting in great detail to engage readers. Their story should include plenty of figurative language and high level vocabulary. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

The nights were the worst. Creatures of the night made themselves heard and the wind roared in every direction. It had been 2 months since our plane crashed on this dreadful island, and we were no closer to escaping. Where were we? “Somewhere over the Pacific,” Dad continued to echo. The other families disagreed, but it mattered little. We were trapped on a deadly island with no way to escape…

Narrative writing prompt - Mystery Island

Narrative Writing Example

This story takes place on a mysterious island where a group of people have survived after their plane crashed somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. This is no ordinary island. Sounds haunt the survivors and death is almost better than the fear that has taken hold of the group. Use this narrative writing example to support your students in the writing process. Get them to write down high level vocabulary that they could use in their own writing.

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Narrative writing example - Mystery Island
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