Narrative Writing Prompt - The Universe

This narrative writing prompt will engage your students on their writing journey. This particular prompt brings in a little mystery and a bit of fantasy. Your students could write from the perspective of a human, looking out into the universe as things start to change around them. Or perhaps they are a celestial being who has control over the planet. Maybe their universe is in trouble and they’re the only one who can save it. Gather writing ideas as a class and get your students to plan their story in great detail. Remind to start with an enticing first paragraph, have a problem, a resolution and a conclusion. Even encourage them to add a twist into their story. Everyone loves a good twist at the end of a narrative. 

Story Starter

“I’m going to win,” Beth muttered through gritted teeth, as her eyes burned in pain. They strained to stay open, her pupils staring into the reddening ones of her best friend. Artemis grinned, tears brimmed around her eyes, but still, she did not blink. “How long has it been?” Arty asked, a whisper barely audible. “Dunno?” She replied not daring to look at her watch, “Maybe 40 minutes”. Her eyes widened subtly, in disbelief. 

Narrative writing prompt - The Universe

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example is beautifully written with strong vocabulary and outstanding punctuation that guides the reader through the story. The ending is a bit of a cliff hanger, and it’s a good example to show your class. Get them to form a bank of interesting endings. That way, they’ll never run short of story ending ideas!

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Narrative writing example - The Universe
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Narrative writing planner
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