The Talking Owl

This narrative writing prompt will engage your students in the writing process. It can be challenging to motivate your class to write short stories, but talking animals usually does the trick! Gather story ideas with your students and be as creative as possible. Write a list of possible stories on the board and then begin to break it down. Encourage your students to be creative with their writing, but to also keep their short stories simple. Sometimes, your short story doesn’t have to go very far to be engaging. Tell your students to describe, rather than tell, and I’m sure they’ll write some great stories with this writing prompt. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

The owl had given us a sound warning that something terrible would happen, but we were not exactly the brightest duo in the room, and our ears were indeed built porously to filter information.

On that fateful day, my comrade and I made it to and stalled at the top of the hill. We knew we shouldn’t be there, but then again, we were too excited about the freedom bestowed upon our shoulders. As we looked at each other, we understood what was next. The race began.

Narrative writing prompt - The Talking Owl

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Narrative writing example - The Talking Owl
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