The Millionaire

Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Use this free narrative writing prompt to spark your students’ imagination and get them writing creatively. Have they found a million dollars? Are they lottery winners? Maybe they were born into wealth and live a life of riches. Whatever story they choose to write, get them using high level vocabulary and descriptive sentences. Click on the image below to download the writing prompt.

Story Starter

I had my hand enveloped in his, and I stared down at my feet as we made our way into the reception area. We had parked in a strange lot that seemed to be the entrance of someone’s home, but I did not care. He had said this morning, “I know this is a new neighbourhood, but I believe this thing would be an opportunity for you to make friends, besides my boss has children your age”.

Narrative writing prompt - The Millionaire

Narrative Writing Example

Use this story as an example for your students before they begin their writing. Get them to ‘magpie’ sentences, vocabulary and types of punctuation. They can have the writing next to them as they write their story, and tick off what they have used along the way. This writing example has some great vocabulary and punctuation. 

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Narrative writing example - The Millionaire
Narrative writing planner
Narrative writing planner
Narrative assessment rubric