House on The Hill

This narrative writing prompt is an interesting one. The prompt could suggest that this story takes place on a different planet as the moon seems so close. Or perhaps it is on Earth and the house on the hill is close to the sky. Brainstorm writing ideas with your class and get them to share with other students. Also, get them to write a list of high level words that they could use for this particular writing prompt. Making a whole class list on the board and get students to tick them off as they write their story. It’ll get them using great vocabulary! Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

It just sits there staring at me. No one has dared to go up there since the older man died. He used to like to sit at the window staring down at all of us. It was of little wonder because he was frail, and apart from the usual polite jabber given to the elderly, no one talked to him. 

Numerous rumours flew, some hilarious and some grotesque, but the conclusion to all was that no one knew him. He was truly alone in this world. Nonetheless, one truth that bound all the chatter was that he loved that house. 

Narrative writing prompt - House on The Hill

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Narrative writing example - House on The HIll
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Narrative writing planner
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