This narrative writing prompt will hook your students into the writing process. Stories that involve technology can be shaped in many different ways. Perhaps ‘Espirit’ is the name of the protagonist who is on a mission to dismantle the enemy’s technological mainframe? Maybe they’re in a race against the clock to crack a code? Is the main character a spy who is on a mission that involves some form of tech? Whatever path your children decide to take, encourage them to write with creativity, but also with accuracy. Get them to use speech marks, commas and other forms of grammar and punctuation in a meticulous fashion. Emphasize the power of punctuation! Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

We expected food shortages, oppressive military forces, video surveillance, even rebellions. We were ready for totalitarianism, rigid rules and excessive bureaucracy. This dystopia had none of that. Instead, they used advanced hackers, and it was worse. So much worse.

The world went into total chaos after the world leaders suddenly vanished, leaving no trace behind as to where they went. The first few days brought panic and fear, a global catastrophe. The third month birthed a new government, consisting of just 7 leaders internationally, promising a new world, a utopia. They called it Espirit, and life seemed to return, the world easing into a sense of safety.

Narrative writing prompt - Espirit

Narrative Writing Example

This is a beautifully written narrative writing example for your students to dissect. Get them to look at the story line and how the author has shaped the story. The narrative starts at the point of action in a time in the future where the protagonist explains the traumatic situation that has unfolded. Get your class to identify figurative language within the text, and also jot down pros and cons from the story. Students can be experts when analysing writing pieces!

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Narrative writing example - Espirit
Narrative writing planner
Narrative writing planner
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