Narrative Writing Prompt - The Long Journey

This narrative writing prompt has an adventure feel to it. Encourage students to brainstorm ideas for their story, based on this writing prompt. It could the tale of a horse rider on a mission for his king, or perhaps a a long journey to get home with treacherous obstacles in the way. Your protagonist could be a brave adventurer who must complete a mission. Encourage students to give them strong characteristics that relate to their story. They may be courageous and fearless, or they may be frightened and naive. Tell your class to use these strong adjectives when describing their character. Before they get into the details of your story, students must remember to set the scene and describe the surroundings in great detail. Use the five senses to set the scene and allow the reader’s imagination to run wild!

Story Starter

Audacious and kind, Oliver, the young wizard wondered through his local village in great desperation. He wished to find his lost spell book. It was filled with the ancient spells of their history. It contained the contents of spells and witchcraft strong enough to destroy the Earth as we know it. The sight of his hands not holding the ancient book terrified him, as the whispers of great fear nearly caused him to go in a form of tantrum, however, the strength of his will held him together. Even though his current scenario was horrendous, the taste of adventure drifted through the air. The journey to find his lost spell book would be a long one. It was then he soon remembered of the ancient spell on the final page. ‘Death to all.’

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Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example sees the main character, Oliver, on a treacherous journey to find his lost book of spells. This book contains information that could destroy the earth, yet Oliver has no idea where it is. He eventually finds it…and it’s not where he wants it…in the hands of evil. This short story will captivate your class with vivid descriptions and figurative language that will open their imaginations. Use this story example for your class to find strong vocabulary and descriptive sentences for them to use in their writing. Exposing students to a variety of writing pieces not only encourages them to write at a high level, but it also exposes them to different styles of writing and techniques. 

Writing Tip

Before you start writing, set a small grammar or punctuation goal for yourself. Keep it nice and simple. It could that you want to use 3 sets of speech marks in your writing and you aim to punctuate them perfectly with the punctuation on the inside. It’s a simple goal, but if you write it down and tick it off as you go, you’ll know you’re on the right track with your writing. Also, your teacher will love you for it! There’s nothing better than reading perfectly punctuated speech marks and a cheeky checklist to go along with it.

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Narrative writing planner
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