Narrative Writing Prompt - Grim

This narrative writing prompt is not for the faint hearted! This story prompt will engage your students and possibly frighten them. Get them to be creative with this prompt. Their writing could be from the perspective of Grim and how he goes about his day to day tasks. Perhaps Grim has changed his ways and decided to do good in the world. Maybe, the main character has an encounter with Grim that changes their lives forever. Challenge your students to write unique stories using this writing prompt. An interesting prompt deserves an interesting story!

Story Starter

Bill’s life was over. A shark attack was the last way he thought he’d die, but such is life. ‘Such was life…’ Bill thought as he made his way to the underworld. He was met at the gates of the underworld by Grim, the gatekeeper of the dead. “I have an offer for you,” Grim grumbled in a deep tone. “I will let you return to earth if you take the life of your dog,” he said with glee. Bill agreed and returned home as if nothing happened.

Narrative writing - The Grim

Narrative Writing Example

I love this narrative writing example! It’s so simple, yet it tugs on your heart strings. The main character gets another chance at life. All he has to do, is send his own dog to heaven…This is the ultimatum that Grim has bestowed upon him. He’s confused and decides that his dog’s life is more important than his own. He smiles at Grim as he finally makes his way to the afterlife. Generate discussion in your class and ask your students what they would do if they were in that situation. Then, get them to jot down their ideas for their own story. They may be similar to the narrative writing example, which is okay! As long as they have their own spin on it, and use descriptive sentences to engage the reader. 

Free Writing Exemplar

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Writing Tip

Within your writing, try to add a few proper nouns. It gives your teacher a chance to see that you understand how to capitalize proper nouns and gives you a few extra ticks on your teacher’s marking guide. It’s a simple thing, but can make a big difference. Whenever you use capitalized proper nouns, your teacher starts to think, “hmm this student has a sound understanding of grammar and punctuation”. Small things like this will start to improve your writing and your grades!