Lonely Powers

This narrative writing prompt is sure to engage your students in the writing process. The narrative ideas that come from this story writing prompt will be interesting. There are many directions your students could go. Does the main character have powers that cause them to be lonely? Or do they choose to be lonely because of their powers? Perhaps they save lives with their powers and don’t want their identity to be known. Whatever ideas your children come up with, encourage them to be creative and to use descriptive vocabulary to engage the reader. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

Every individual is blessed with specific types of power, be it a rhythmic heart, oxygen or a body that keeps us alive. However, one of these powers supports a different kind of living. It is often dubbed the ‘lonely power’ and colloquially termed ‘privacy’. It is not the kind where one suggests to a parent not to rummage through their belongings, nor the kind where a random stranger is not expected to open a locker that is not theirs. It is the kind where social etiquettes demand people are not asked unnecessary questions.

Narrative writing prompt - Lonely Powers

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Narrative writing example - Lonely Powers
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