Elephant Love

This narrative writing prompt is sure to engage your students. This narrative could take on many paths. Encourage your children to set a strong scene, possibly in the jungle or a remote location. Places like these are easy to describe because they are vibrant by nature. Remind them to use high level vocabulary and figurative language to engage their reader. Their story could be from the perspective of an elephant, or possibly a girl who has formed a strong bond with an elephant. She could be rescued from a dangerous situation by an elephant and their journey starts from there. Use the story starter below to get your students started on their story writing journey.

Story Starter

The village was under attack and Sami was trapped. Fired engulfed the area and her family was gone. Tears streamed down her face as screams echoed in the distance. The calm night sky offered no solace tonight and the moon watched on with content. The owls of the night, who so frequently visited, were absent as smoke filled the area.

Narrative writing prompt - Elephant Love

Narrative Writing Example

In this narrative writing example, a helpless young girl has lost her family and is on the run. Danger engulfs her as her village is burned to the ground. Her only hope of survival is a large shadowy figure in the distance. Use this story writing example to inspire your students to write creative stories that ignite the imagination. Get them to highlight sentences that they could use in their writing.

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Narrative writing example - Elephant Love
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