Narrative Writing Prompt - The Shining Globe

Use this narrative writing prompt to generate discussion and get your students involved in the writing process. For some students, writing can be very boring. They find it hard to form ideas and lack structure in their writing. Use this story prompt to get them involved! Does the shining globe have magical powers? Does the owner of the globe have control over the village? Are evil forces in pursuit of the shining globe? Write all the ideas on the board and support your students throughout their writing journey.

Story Starter

Jani looked left and right and ran for her life. Her strawberry blonde hair whipped in the wind as silence enveloped the area. Jani felt as if a million eyes stared upon her. The globe had fallen to her and her mission was clear; get the globe to Mortich, the greatest wizard in the land. “Why was I chosen?” she muttered to herself. Young and courageous, Jani knew there would be villains on your tail so she moved with haste.

Narrative writing - The Shining Globe

Narrative Writing Example

Use this narrative writing example to show your students. They can highlight the positive and negatives from the short story. In this narrative, Jani finds herself thrust into a situation of life and death. She’s been given the mission of delivering the shining globe to the greatest wizard in all the land. However, evil is on her tail and intends to steal it from her. See what your students think of this story. See if they can find some sentences to ‘magpie’ for their own writing.

Writing Tip

Start your story off with something so shocking that the audience has no option but to read on. “Janet died.” or “He had to cut his arm off to escape.” Wow! That might be a bit much, but you get the idea. Audiences are captivated by starts that surprise them. They’re enticed and want to read on. It’s a great writing strategy and one that you should apply to your stories!

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Narrative writing - The Shining Globe
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