Man in The Woods

Use this narrative writing prompt to get your class writing. ‘Man in The Woods’ is an interesting writing prompt. Stories could go in a range of different directions. Has the main character become lost in the woods? Have they found someone in the woods who has been missing for years? Is there some kind of magic in the woods? Is there a dangerous man in the woods? Is the man in the woods there to help? Whatever path your students choose to take, encourage them to use descriptive sentences and figurative language to bring their stories to life. Click on the image below to download the writing prompt.

Story Starter

In a particular village where the waterfalls never touched the ground, and the clouds were always in constant disagreement lived a young lady, Jemimah, who was often mistreated by her neighbours. She had the kindest soul and persona, but the Barton sisters thrived on making her life miserable. 

One fateful day, as she was making her way to school, she spotted the Barton sisters from afar, and her heart sank. She decided to turn the other way and follow a narrower path, a track laced with tall trees, leaves and grass and where mud would tightly cling to her uniform; however, this did not particularly bother her because the dirt was better than a ruined day. 

Narrative writing prompt - Man in The Woods

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example is the story of a frail old man in the woods. He seems old and powerless. However, the last sentence in the story will get your students thinking. Encourage your children to finish their short stories with a twist, rather than the classic ‘happy ever after’. Readers love a good ending and nothing beats a twist that leaves them thinking. Use the twist in this story as an example for your students to follow.

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Narrative writing example - Man in The Woods
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Narrative writing planner
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