Report Writing

Report writing can be engaging for students! They love to research and they love to learn interesting information. As teachers, we must teach our students how to research information accurately and from reliable sources. We must also teach them how to paraphrase. Use these report writing prompts to engage your students in the writing process. Try to make it as fun as possible!

Animal Adaptations

Have your students research one of the animals below. Adaptations is such an engaging topic that students love to learn. Have them research, use the fact sheets and get them to draw the animal using our ‘Art Guide’! That’s an engaging English lesson.

Penguin Adaptations

Giraffe Adaptations

Lion Adaptations

Wolf Adaptations


Space is a fascinating topic that children absolutely love. I’m sure you have at least one student who comes up to you and tells you random space facts! Choose a space writing prompt and have your class research and write a report. It’s the prefect way to integrate your science and English lessons!

The Earth

The Sun

The Planets

The Moon

The Continents

There are seven continents and they make up our amazing planet. Each continent is so different and there are endless amounts of facts and interesting bits of information on each and every one. Choose a continent writing prompt and have your students research it. Ensure they paraphrase the information and get them to present to the class!



Australia / Oceania


South America

North America


Natural Disasters

Natural disasters may seem fascinating, but history has taught us that they are extremely dangerous. How do certain natural disasters occur and what do countries do to prevent the loss of life? Use these writing prompts and fact sheets to engage your students in the writing process. Have them research information and write a report on a natural disaster. Get them to look into historical events and find interesting facts! It’s a great way to combine English with history and geography.



Volcanic Eruptions