Moving Houses

Use this unique story writing prompt to get your students motivated about writing. It can be challenging, but a house floating in the air might just do it. Brainstorm story writing ideas with your class and get them to share. Make a list of story starters that students can use if they get stuck. Alternatively, use the story starter below. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

My colleagues had rushed past me, each one a student eager to participate in the following afternoon activity, yet, I stood still, resolute and enamoured with what lay in front of me. The numerous artwork of past students and now legends decorated the white walls of the hallway.

I passed that particular route daily, yet none of them called to me like that day. Each artwork was a house encased in a thin blue and gold frame. Most of them were of unpleasantly clashing colours, yet they would be considered art to the untrained eye. However, I knew better. They were paintings from amateur students who had probably managed to pass their first-year exams.

Narrative writing prompt - Moving Houses

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Narrative writing example - Moving Houses
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