Narrative Writing Prompt - The Dark Knight

This narrative writing prompt seems very dark and hopefully won’t frighten your students. It could be an opportunity for them to write from the perspective of evil. Perhaps The Dark Knight is an all conquering villain who aims to take over villages in his country. Maybe he starts off as evil and is persuaded to join the ‘good side’. Perhaps he is hero, and his mission involves saving helpless others. Get your class to brainstorm ideas individually, and then together in groups. Get the best ideas and write them up on the board. Students can use these ideas to plan for their writing, which should ensure they are able to write interesting and creative stories that capture the imagination!

Story Starter

Trapped alone in a dark cage was unusual for the greatest knight in the land. However, this was reality now. His cage was small, and the damp smell stung his nostrils. His food was mouldy and the water was muddy. To be defeated by an enemy and dragged back to their home was an absolute disgrace. The Dark Knight had to escape.

Narrative writing prompt - The Dark Knight

Narrative Writing Example

In this narrative writing example, The Dark Knight is trapped in a cage and all alone. Luckily, he escapes and is guided by a young boy back to his kingdom. Who was the boy who helped him escape? Upon returning to his castle, he notices a painting on the wall. The painting is of the same boy who helped him find his way home…This interesting story example is great to show your students because it has a unique ending. Your children will be able to use a similar ending or perhaps generate ideas from it. This will make their writing more creative and also engage them in the writing process!

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