Time Travel

This narrative writing prompt will give your students a chance to exercise their imagination during writing. ‘Time Travel’ could take on many different paths during writing. The main character may have invented a time travelling machine. Perhaps they have travelled back in time to worn their former self of some future danger. Maybe they have travelled to the future to find out the winning lottery numbers. Whatever story line they choose to take, remember to encourage them to set the scene with descriptive language and strong characterisation. This will engage the reader and develop the story. Click on the image below to download the writing prompt. 

Story Starter

I have always wondered what obsessions humans have with time. Is it because we are not content with the life we live, or we are too obsessed with the mistakes of the past. 

Pondering and questioning, I have concluded that it is more the latter. It is often difficult to move forward if dark clouds are hanging over one’s head, and the tendency to gawk at doom, no matter how near or far, is innate in all of us. 

Narrative writing prompt - Time Travel

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Narrative writing example - Time Travel
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Narrative writing planner
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