Magic Hands

Use this narrative writing prompt to encourage your students to write interesting stories during English. ‘Magic Hands’ will lead children to write fantasy based stories. They could write about magical powers that flow through the main character’s hands. Or perhaps they’re trying to attain the power from someone else. Maybe they’re just good at using their hands! Whatever story they choose to write, ensure they’re using high level vocabulary to engage the reader. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

As I made my way to the ticketing counters, my breathing became shallow, and I knew it was time. I viewed the individuals around me more closely, and my eyes came to rest on the first three booths. The customers were aligned and busy, and all wore brown trench clothes, oxford shoes, white shirts, black trousers, and had dark hair. I was there to blend in and wore the same thing they all did, taking a great deal to be as exact as possible ꟷ When I saw it, the black and gold suitcase.

I came to stand beside him, and he greeted me with a warm smile. The ticketing officer in the second booth beamed at me and told me that she would be with me shortly. I responded with a slight grin as I stared past her to view the clock on the wall. “1:45 pm”, it said.

Narrative writing prompt - Magic Hands

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Narrative writing example - Magic Hands
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