Narrative Writing Prompt - Taken

This free narrative writing prompt will engage your students in the writing process. This particular story prompt is slightly mysterious and stories could evolve in a number of ways. Your students may choose to write about a girl who was taken, or perhaps a girl who has taken someone or something. The main character could be a young girl, an old lady, or even a young boy, lost and confused. As this writing prompt has a mysterious element to it, the main character may look mysterious and could be wearing unique clothing, coupled with interesting personal characteristics. It could be set in a large city where evil lurks on every corner. It may be set in the jungle where darkness is king. Some vocabulary that may assist in your writing might be words such as mysterious, danger, surreptitious, frightened and tormented. Can you come up with any more words? Remember to be vivid with your characterisations and setting.

Story Starter

Vanessa’s exasperated sigh could be heard from miles away as she finally put the padlock on the coffee shop. She had had the longest day at work, and all that was on her mind was how to go home and sleep. She had meticulously tried to close on time, yet she stood at the front of an empty bus station; This was the fifth time that week that she had missed her most effortless route home. She wanted to have an outburst, but her tired feet began to move, already conditioned to keep going.

Narrative writing

Narrative Writing Example

In our narrative writing example, our main character, Vanessa, is exhausted and receives an unexpected (or perhaps expected) phone call from her cousin. Her mood quickly shifts as his tone turns. Vanessa’s mind is flooded with traumatic memories. It seems that her mysterious past has awoken. This story writing example has some wonderful vocabulary and descriptive writing that your students can magpie for their own work. Have them write down any sentences they think they’ll use, and have them share with the class. Check out the writing example below.

Writing Tip

Remember to edit your writing once complete. Have a focus for editing after you have finished. It could be something as simple as full stops and capital letters. It may be checking that your speech marks have punctuation in the correct position. The power of editing must not be underestimated and will have a significant impact on your writing.

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Narrative writing example - Taken
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