Magic Mountain

Use this story starter and narrative writing prompt to get your students interested in writing. It can be difficult to engage students in writing, so be sure make your lessons interesting! Encourage your students to use high level vocabulary and to think outside of the box when planning. Also, make sure they start at the point of action to engage the reader from the start. Click on the download button below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

It was the only place where one was allowed to be themselves. It was filled with wonder, chaos, amusement, and joy. It was visited by children far and wide and only if they knew how to get there. 

Luckily, Sam and Ted were one of those familiar with the intricacies of the best-kept secret of their generation. It was a place one could only visit if they dug to the deepest parts of their imagination. 

The duo knew how to get there and had become the famous magic mountain gatekeepers. They were among the few the renowned fantasy had chosen to guard its entrances. It had been a journey of fighting the most intense creatures and even combating a dragon. 

Narrative writing prompt - Magic Mountain

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Narrative writing example - Magic Mountain
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