Another World

Use this free narrative writing prompt to inspire your students during your writing session. Writing can get boring, and children need to be inspired by interesting images. This story writing prompt delves into the fantasy arena with a magical door that leads to ‘Another World’. Will their main character be a young girl who stumbles upon a mysterious door in the woods? Perhaps they’ve known about the door for years but have been too afraid to enter? Maybe they have created the portal with some sort of dark art. Get your class to write their story writing ideas down and share them together. Click on the image below to download the narrative writing prompt.

Story Starter

My feet lead me down a path, my mind not fully aware of where I am. The air is cool, kissing my face in icy tingles. The floor beneath me seems to stretch on forever, tiny rocks kicking up at my trainers, scuffing dirt onto their white surface. I cringe in disappointment at the sight of the new leather, caked in orangey dust. My eyes travel upwards, spying the surroundings that close in all around me. Claustrophobia etches through my bloodstream, nerves sparking at the trees wrapping me in an overly tight blanket of branches and leaves. The sun has sunk, letting the moon take the spotlight.

Narrative writing prompt - Another World

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example is very high level and has some wonderful vocabulary for your students to ‘magpie’. Get your class to read the story writing example together and discuss some of the pros and cons of the text. They might look at verb tense, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling and figurative language. Writing examples are fantastic for students to ‘magpie’ ideas, and this text is no exception.

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Narrative writing example - Another World
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Narrative writing planner
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