Narrative Writing Prompt - The Magic of The Moon

Use this narrative writing prompt to engage your students in the writing process during English. I love story writing prompts like this! There are so many possibilities and great ideas that can evolve from this story writing prompt. Could it be, as the moon rises, the character’s powers emerge? Does the moon do something to the forest where creatures begin to talk? Is the magic in the moon good or evil? Does your main character control butterflies when darkness emerges with the moon in the background? Get your students to write down their writing ideas and share with the class. This will help students who are struggling to get ideas. Good luck with this writing prompt!

Story Starter

The moon rose from behind the clouds as butterflies drifted at the waters edge. Amy had no idea why she was chosen. Each night her powers came to life. She had full control of insects around her. She could speak to them as if she was one of them. They responded to her thoughts and reacted to her feelings. Young and naïve, Amy chose to do use her powers to help others. “Help!” cried a voice in the distance.

Narrative writing - the magic of the moon

Narrative Writing Example

This writing example sees the main character’s powers come to life each night. Amy doesn’t know why, but as the moon rises, she has full control over insects of the forest. Amy chooses to use her powers for good, but evil is lurking around the corner. She manages to defeat an evil witch but she knows there are more to come. Have your students write down the story and see if they can plot it on their story charts – the problem, how it gets worse, the resolution and the conclusion. 

Free Writing Example

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Writing Tip

Try to write your story from a different perspective. Everyone else in your class is going to write the traditional hero story, seen through the perspective of the traditional protagonist. Write from the perspective of the villain! This will engage your readers from the start. See if you can give your readers a glimpse of life on the other side.