Narrative Writing Prompt - The Takeover

Use this narrative writing prompt to inspire some creative writing during English. This story writing prompt looks into the possibility of an alien invasion. Get your students to write their ideas down and share them with the class. Have the aliens taken over the planet and the main character is out to stop them? Are they friendly aliens who want to live peacefully on Earth? Is the takeover now complete, and the protagonist is scavenging and surviving on their wits? There are many ways in which the story for this prompt can evolve. Remind your students to be descriptive with their writing and to use figurative language when setting the scene!

Story Starter

First the lights came and then the sky evolved. Human curiosity changed to fear and anxiety. One spaceship turned to thousands, hovering above the earth. For days they didn’t move, just sat in the purple sky. The lightning sent shivers down Tom’s spine as he hid in the basement with his family.

Narrative writing - The Takeover

Narrative Writing Example

This narrative writing example has a nice and simple story line to follow. Tom is scared of the invasion, but nevertheless, tries his best to stop the aliens. Unfortunately, his efforts are fruitless and he finds himself trapped in their spaceship. His toes are turning into green flippers, his mission has failed. This story is a great one to show your students as it’s a good example of how simple stories can be very engaging, especially when there’s a twist. Get your students to write own sentences they liked, that they might use in their own writing.

Free Writing Exemplar

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Writing Tip

When writing short stories, try to keep them simple. Your writing can be simple, yet engaging and descriptive all at once. Simplicity doesn’t mean mundane, it often means engaging and easy to follow. Long stories and are tricky to follow and can cause readers to disengage. Start by keeping the setting at one place, and describe it in great detail. You may use one whole paragraph to set the scene, whilst moving the story along as you go. Give it a go!